Case Studies

Madeira Stories

When Steve and his Madeira team partner with entrepreneurs, their work goes well beyond addressing the minutiae of running a business; their ultimate goal is to determine the why they are in business. We help with strategy and financing.

Case Studies

Whistle while you work

Steve came upon an undocumented day laborer whose work ethic Steve describes as a literal “whistle while you work” mentality. Steve guided the man to eventually run his own contracting business through early Monday morning sessions before the day’s work had began.

A Silicon Valley engineer overheard these sessions and asked Steve to help his start-up. That single session started a five year partnership and the development of four companies and three investments.


Go bigger

A successful Yahoo! Executive once sought more fulfillment from her professional life. Her experience overcoming the stigma and psychic hurdles of alopecia contributed to her underlying need to take a new direction.

Steve pushed her to go bigger with her non-profit idea address a problem beyond alopecia. Through Steve’s guidance, her non-profit distributes junior and senior high school after school self-esteem building curriculum that has helped nearly 20,000 students and is emulated nationally.

Love of animals

When a mid-career professional wanted to pursue his love of animals, Steve mentored him on how to make the move.

He now runs an operation that takes charge of animals in need of an independent fiduciary. This former client employs others and can provide fully for his family while waking up everyday to practice his personal passion.